Rucsandra Popescu


Biography | Pianist | Composer | Conductor

In 2001 she decided to make the exam for choir conducting, were she was accepted among the best students. She graduated from the Music University in Bucharest with the degree in choir conducting.
Starting with 10 she began to sing, first in Dinu Lipatti Music High School Choir, afterwards in various consecrated choir ensembles:

As Singer:

- Kontakion, specialized in Byzantine music
- Musica Selecta
- Saint Joseph Church Choir Bucharest
- Ansgari Kantorei Oldenburg
- in summer 2002 she took part with the choir from Hardegsen (Germany) at the music festival Romantische Nacht
- Between 1997 - 2000 she colaborated as background vocal and 2.keyboard with the Music Band "Cardinal Show Orchestra", founded by her father Gabriel Mircea Popescu, Music Band that appeared at the Tele 7 abc's (private Romanian TV station) "Galas" and "One O'clock has come", accompanying the best voices of the moment in Romania.

As Orchester Director:

- 2013 - 2014 she conducted the "G.Sinopoli" Music School orchestra in Martellago, Venice (Italy).
- 2002 - 2007 worked occasionally with the Carl von Ossietszky University orchestra and Kammersinfonie-Oldenburg.
- 2007 - conducted the Kammersinfonie Oldenburg with the first performance Clarinet Concert by G.Beccera-Schmidt.
- 2006 - 2010 she conducted several ensembles at the Atelier Neue Musik concerts.

As Choir Director:

Since November 2017 she is the conductor of the Popchor of the University of Music in Bremen.
Since Januar 2017 she is again the conductor of the Buchtstrassenchor in Bremen.
Since Januar 2016 she is the conductor of the ensemble dŽaccord in Bremen.
Since October 2015 she is the conductor of the Jazzchoir of the University of Music and Theater Leipzig.
Since November 2008 she is the conductor and musical teacher of the J-Cappella, Jacobs University Choir Bremen
23.04.2016: J-Cappella got "very good" Diploma by the 4th Chorverband Competition in Celle
01.12.2012: J-Cappella got 2. Silver Medals by the International Choir Competition and Festival Petr Eben in Prague

During her Study in Bucharest, she conducted her academic year choir in several concerts.
- 2002 - 2005 she has been doing an internship in the Ansgari Kantorei conducted by the Chapel Meister Johannes von Hoff.
- 2005 - 2006 conducted the Pop-chor in Oldenburg
- 2007/2008 - ESG Choirprojekts and Workshops in Bremen
- 2009 - Workshop - singing with children - OsternGLOCKE in Bremen
- 2008 - 2012 she was the conductor of the Deutsch-Französischer Chor Bremen
- 2009 - 2012 she was the conductor of Buchtstrassenchor Bremen
- 2009 - 2012 she was the conductor of the Achimer Jazzkollektiv
- 2015 - 2017 she was the conductor of the Oldenburger Jugendchor